CLEO 4.0

For GTA III and GTA VC - gives new possibilities while making scripts for these
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CLEO has 100 useful opcodes in store that allow working with external files, changing the game memory, calling exe functions with custom parameters and much more. New opcodes were added in the fourth version to work with audio streams, to format strings, to display custom texts on screen without using external text files (.fxt, .gxt). To assess all the achievements and use them in your scripts, install the latest version of the CLEO library.

CLEO 4 allows to make new opcodes using sources of the CLEO SDK. The starter kit contains there examples of such plugins:
# IniFiles.cleo – opcodes for INI files;
# FileSystemOperations.cleo – opcodes for files and folders.
# IntOperations.cleo – opcodes for logical operations (AND, OR, XOR, etc).

The CLEO plugins are the DLL files having an extension .CLEO. At startup, the CLEO library scans the folder CLEO for the files with that extension and tries to load them. If successful, the plugins begin to work and do what they were made for.
The plugin installation is very simple: just copy the plugin file to the folder CLEO. To cancel the plugin usage, delete a proper file.
You may download plugins following the links from the left column.

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